Does Coke Kill Rats?

Different Types of Coke on a White Background

Rats are pesky creatures that can cause havoc in our homes, but have you ever wondered if the popular myth—perpetuated …

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Do Rats Carry Rabies?

Wet Rat on Dark Gravel

You might have heard frightening stories about rats carrying various diseases – which is definitely true. Rodents are carriers of …

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Do Onions Kill Rats?

Onions on a Cutting Board

Tired and mentally exhausted homeowners, dealing with pesky rats, are probably tempted to try unconventional methods like onions to get …

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Does Salt Kill Rats?

Brown Rat with Nut in Mouth on Mossy Wood

Rats are notorious for causing interior damage to your home, spreading disease, and just being an all-around unwelcome guest. One …

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